Community Emergency Plan for Cotton Parish, Suffolk

(Reviewed – May 2022)



Local Risk Assessment

There are no specific risks but the London to Norwich main railway line runs adjacent to the village, also, there are two through traffic routes with attendant risks. Extreme weather and prolonged power loss may also offer risks at any time. The village is on a regular flying route for military aircraft which may also pose a risk.

Local Skills & Resources

This small rural community has many farms and businesses with skills and equipment. Individuals on the Emergency Contacts List will have local knowledge and details – see below.

Places of Safety

The following Places of Safety have been identified. They should be used in the following order:-

  1. Village Hall, Blacksmith’s Road, Cotton. IP14 4QN (good facilities)

Keyholders – The keys are held in a key box by the front door.

Co-ordinators: John and Ann Doherty, Garden House, Broad Road, Cotton. tel.01449 781083

Parish councillors also have the key code.

  1. Trowel and Hammer Pub, Mill Road, Cotton, IP14 4QL (good facilities)

tel.01449 781101

  1. Methodist Church Hall, Broad Road, Cotton, IP14 4ND (basic facilities)

Keyholder – Rev. Rita Carr 01449 612619

  1. St. Andrews Church , Church Road, Cotton, IP14 4RG (no water or heating)

Keyholder – Carole Jones, 3, Stonham Road, Cotton, tel. 01449 781874

Emergency Contacts

The Parish web-site offers a longer list of local people with influence. In the first instance contact the following:

  1. Clerk to Parish Council

Tina Newell, 25 Shakespeare Road, Stowmarket IP14 1TU,

tel. 07785331217


  1. Chairman to Parish Council

Sarah Wenban

tel; 01449 781308 (m) 07754418574


  1. County Councillor

Andrew Stringer, Broadway House, Broad Road, Cotton

tel: 01449 780339 (m) 07774 199061

  1. District Councillor  
  2. Andrew Mellen, Wyverstone,

tel. 07790 992619


We are a small village therefore most people know how to find the relevant individuals with knowledge, skills, equipment.

Key Community Supporters

  1. Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

To be confirmed

  1. Good Neighbour Scheme

on call mobile no: 07980 948641

Scheme Co-ordinator

Mike Hall

  1. Vicar

Revd. Carl Melville, The Rectory, Church Road, Bacton,

tel: 01449 258149

Activation of The Plan

Activation will normally be made by the Emergency Services or the Local Authority however if common-sense indicates implementation is necessary then this should be done straight away.

First Actions

Set up a coordinating group to include at least one member of the Parish Council. Inform the Emergency Services Centre on 0300 1234000 and dialling 101 or 999. ( Establish a contact telephone number which can be staffed at all times. In the event of power failure a ‘hard-wired’ land-line will be needed for emergency contact.

An Emergency Pack kept in a yellow bag is held at the Village Hall. It contains all the necessary items to run a Community Emergency Incident

Agreed actions if evacuation is required

Normally Emergency Services will be at the scene of an emergency before any community action is required.

They will direct what needs doing.

They will require:

  1. A liaison person who is known and identifiable and readily available to pass information/instructions
  2. District Council staff run ‘Places of Safety’ but they will need a small team to log people entering/leaving the Place of Safety, also the recording of instructions/requests/problems/actions within the community

Staying in contact if the usual means have been disrupted

For an extended evacuation a community control centre will be necessary, (probably in the Place of Safety).

Assume mobile phones will be inoperable for at least 12 hours so consider runners/cyclists/drivers to pass messages.

Social media such as Village Facebook page (Cotton Parish Grapevine) should be considered along with the village web-site and public meetings

Other information

Make sure volunteers work in pairs, for their own safety. If it is going to be a long job, plan for extra people to be available to cover all hours including night-time. Use your own initiative but always tell someone else what you are doing and record decisions. Large maps of the village are held by the Parish Clerk and at each Place of Safety. Any media interviews should be co-ordinated through the Emergency Services press officer. Bacton Parish is adjacent to Cotton and also has a Community Emergency Plan which gives further contacts, Places of Safety etc.

Useful information sources: Suffolk Rest Centre Forms -


A copy of the plan can be downloaded and read here